Golden Cakrawala Prima

Creating masterpieces with history since 1969 and collaborating with gold miners in Indonesia. Committing to produce finest jewelry with impeccable materials.

We are committed to bring our product to compete and grow into the international market. With expert method, technology, and labor spanning for more than 20 years, now we are ready to bring our exceptional products to the world

Competitive Strength

Striving to be the best in its class, Golden Cakrawala is continuing to innovate the latest technology of jewelry making and the expertise of skilled jeweler, to ensure you the finest quality in our final products.

We are also committed to contribute back to the communities and nature, using sustainable source of materials and local experts as main source of manpower

Golden Cakrawala Prima is partnering with nationally recognized designers, and using the most advanced 3D modeling software.

We promise to bring you thefinest quality of luxury into your hands